Thunar and nautilus

Nat mentions Thunar on his blog, a new file manager written by some of the Xfce desktop environment developers, and he even talks about Ubuntu, Sun, Novell, etc switching to Thunar instead of Nautilus. Aren’t these people getting a little carried away ? It’s true that the screenshots look pretty nice, but (if I read the wiki correctly) these are mockups, not the actual application. There’s not been a single release yet, and there’s no code to download anywhere on the Thunar wiki. Moreover, the lead developer says he’s not even sure he will go on working on it

On the other hand, the SymphonyOS project looks interesting, even if overall it is more a relayout of what we already have than a revolutionary new thing. You can get close to the 4 corners layout using regular gnome panels, by adding a launcher to “My computer” in the top left corner, the “Show Desktop” applet in the top right, the Trash applet in the lower right and the Main menu applet in the lower right. The “managerie” could be emulated using a hacked tasklist in a tall auto-hide panel…

Of course there’s a lot more to SymphonyOS and there’s a lot of good ideas in there, so it’s worth checking out (item regrouping based on their nature is smartly done, so is the removal of all two-levels menus…)

Update : Tao of Mac compares the UI of several file managers. Conclusion : tree views are bad and column view rules (and the “path bar” from gtk+ could be seen as some sort of reduced column view).

Update 2 : Looks like I was wrong about the no-code-anywhere part : there’s a tarball available. It segfaults on my box, though, so I cannot check how far the implementation went 🙂

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