Site screwup

Thanks to a screwup from my provider, I had to re-create all the files from this website. It was easier and faster than try to resolve the issue talking to one of their “analysts” :

jose mclean > Welcome to Cox High Speed Internet Service Online Technical Support.
vnoel > thanks
jose mclean > I understand you are having difficulties with your WebSpace. Is that correct?
vnoel > yes
jose mclean > May I have permission to access your account information?
vnoel > yes
jose mclean > For security reasons, may I have the following information:
1. Your e-mail address of the primary account holder,
2. The last 4-digits of your SSN, or the unique PIN number as it appears on your account, please?
vnoel > my web site stored in my personal web space is not accessible via the web
vnoel > 1. xxx
jose mclean > Thank you. This will take me a moment while I look up your account information.
vnoel > 2. xxxx
jose mclean > In order to resolve this issue, I suggest you visit this link that has information about it:
vnoel > I cannot copy that address
jose mclean > Just click on it, Vicent
vnoel > doesn’t work
jose mclean > Highlight the link then right click and select “Copy”.
vnoel > it does not work… I cannot highlight it or copy it.
vnoel > I cannot highlight any of the text in the chat area.
jose mclean > I will send you this information to your e-mail address. Is there anything else I can help you with today?
vnoel > well if the info is good that’s all I need
jose mclean > I have sent you the information. Thank you for choosing Cox Communications as your friend in the Digital Age.
jose mclean > Analyst has closed chat and left the room

At first I was thinking I would actually talk to some knowledgeable person, but it’s the same crap you get when you call client support.
Subsequently to this problem, some image files are missing from the site (that I don’t have any backup for obviously).
Well, that won’t affect too many people fortunately.

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