gnome-utils 2.10 released

People of the world rejoice, as gnome-utils 2.10 has been released as part of the gnome 2.10 desktop release.
Changes since the 2.9 version include :

GNOME Search Tool

  • Use startup notification
  • Follow nautilus click policy
  • Accessibility fixes
  • Two-passes scan search
  • Use gtk+ 2.6 API and widgets

GNOME Dictionary

  • Port to gtk+ 2.6
  • Support panel translucency
  • UI changes and overall simplification
  • Printing support (with preview)
  • Web dictionaries

GNOME Screenshot

  • Initial import

GNOME Log Viewer

  • New search bar
  • Support opening of remote files
  • Monitoring mode
  • Copy log lines

GNOME Floppy

  • Floppy formatting in non-standard locations

I know nobody cares about that, but hey, indulge me.

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