Skype : mac and PC

Because we often have to call family back in France, we had to find a way to place international phone calls, cheaply. The cheaper way we found was to use Skype : you get one hour of phone call for one dollar (approximately), which is WAY better than any phone provider here (even idt cannot beat that).

At first we used Skype on a PC, and it worked fine, but we always had some echo problems : the person we called keep hearing himself speaking in the background, with some bad audio loop problems sometimes. It was a little better when using a headset, but it is a pain to go under the desk, unplug the speakers, and connect the headset (and do the reverse operation when the call is over). I know you can by some connection stuff to connect both the speakers and the headset, but I’m lazy 😛

A few days ago we decided to try it on the iBook, and it’s incredibly better. You don’t need a headset, you can just go ahead and call : you hear the person through the little ibook speakers, and the little integrated microphone picks up what you’re saying. I don’t know how this works, but there is absolutely no audio feedback, no echo… it’s exactely like speaking on the phone. Both people can be speaking at the same time : no dropouts, no latency, perfect !

So if you tried Skype on a PC and were kind of disappointed, try it on a mac if you can. It’s just the way it’s supposed to be.

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  1. 1timeskpyer says:

    The ibook is great, but on the other side of the call, the listener can hear some feedback and echo. It’s even better with the headset. Unless you are in the habit of storing your ibook under the desk, it’s a lot easier to connect the headset 😉

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