Invitations Gmail (or : the incredible Gmail giveaway)

Ok, people, I have now FIFTY (50) Gmail invitations to give away !
I will give an invitation to anyone who asks.

Of course, this may mean that gmail is going to open its service anytime now. And the gmail invites spooler has 41,284 invites available, which put me to shame.

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4 Responses to Invitations Gmail (or : the incredible Gmail giveaway)

  1. Xtremelady says:

    Hey Freak…………would you please not send me any invite and take my email address off your /invitations-gmail-or-the-incredible-gmail-giveaway/ list here……..I’ve had this email address since 1996 and don’t plan on changing it now


  2. duy dang says:

    i want create an gmail address but i dont have an invitation Gmail. Help me please thanks!

  3. vnoel says:

    Hey Duy,
    I need an email address to send the invitation to. Cheers

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