Ta-da, 43things, and more Ruby stuff

Discovered, through this post on Nat Friedman’s weblog, the Ruby on Rails project, which is about developing a framework in Ruby to create web-based applications. Not really something to get excited about (well, except if you are developing web-based applications in Ruby), but the first sites to come out of this are quite nice. Two I knew of : Basecamp, a very nice project-management web site, that I would definitely use if I had something to manage, and 43 Things, that strives to be the place where you will record your life goals and talk about them (you are supposed to have 43 life goals, and that’s it. Not more). The others I discovered : Ta-da list is a checklist-management website (it’s like a dumbed-down version of Basecamp, even the icon looks similar) and Hieraki, a collaborative book-writing tool. All of these sites are nice to use, and have a interface so clear and pretty you’ll want to lick your screen (well, maybe it’s just me then). This looks like the future of web work to me.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Don’t forget ListSomething.com, which is also written with Ruby on Rails.

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